Things must do in Singapore: My Afternoon Alongside Kung Fu Panda

Last calendar week I was lucky plenty to live on able to pass the afternoon at Universal Studios, Singapore.  It was solely a taster but nosotros innovation to instruct dorsum shortly as well as pass the 24-hour interval there.  Despite that though I however managed to instruct on a pair of rides, come across a present as well as accept inward the sights.  It was great!  It seems fairly compact which I don't retrieve is whatever bad matter equally it way y'all tin sack belike instruct dorsum to create things 1 time to a greater extent than or to go on something when the crowds create got thinned out.  I haven't been to whatever of the other Universal Studios as well as hence I create got cypher to compare it to (other than Disneyland inward California) but my afternoon was but equally much fun equally my trip to Disneyland a few years back.  It's for sure somewhere that adults tin sack create got but equally much fun equally children.  Perhaps fifty-fifty a piffling chip to a greater extent than equally in that place are no pinnacle restrictions to worry close for a start!

Of the pair of rides I did grapple to get on 'The Revenge of the Mummy' ride was bright fun, equally long equally y'all don't bespeak heed roller coasters as well as plunging at an alarming speed inward to a pitch dark tunnel that is.  The queues were non that bad either, though I gauge at the weekends as well as on holidays it belike gets worse.  Oh as well as did I come across Kung Fu Panda whilst I was there?  Yes I did but in that place was non plenty fourth dimension to queue upward for a photograph alongside him - perhaps side yesteryear side time.  I'm looking frontwards to my provide catch already!


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