Things must do in Singapore: Majestic Marriage Inwards Singapore

Unless you've been hiding nether a rock inward the remotest location on public I don't intend it tin convey escaped your attending that terminal Fri was a real exceptional 24-hour interval inward the lives of Prince William too Kate Middleton - their nuptials day! 

Now every bit soul who is also getting married this twelvemonth I was interested to reckon what Kate's wearing clothing would be like, what hymns they chose (actually they picked 2 the same every bit nosotros have) too thence on.  I am also a Royal fan too brand no surreptitious of that too intend the Britain would endure a lot worse without them.  I adore watching all the pomp too ceremony of grand occasions such every bit this too beingness thence far from domicile this was fifty-fifty to a greater extent than of import to me.  I for sure intend the Brits produce a practiced chore at it too non simply when the world's eyes are on them every bit they were terminal Friday.  In many other events they do it simply every bit well, changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, the service of Remembrance each November, the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London, trooping the colour, the Proms flavor too inward detail the terminal nighttime too many many to a greater extent than throughout the year.  For this argue I was real groovy to endure able to witness Friday's wedding.

I can't tell Singapore was awash amongst bunting but fortunately for those who wanted to spotter it, it was shown at several pubs too bars every bit good every bit the British Club too the Cricket Club too it was also available on TV hither too.  So I was tuned into the TV for much of Fri afternoon watching all the construct up.

How did nosotros pass the fourth dimension when the nuptials was truly on?  Well I baked the cakes inward the photograph (which for me was a big achievement every bit I produce non hollo upwardly the terminal fourth dimension I baked) too we headed to friends for a Royal Wedding spotter too a political party afterwards.

Fortunately for us amongst the fourth dimension departure the nuptials was on inward the piece of cake afternoon / early on eve hither thence was a practiced excuse to cleft opened upwardly the bubbly too toast the happy couple.  After the wedding nosotros thence enjoyed the residual of the eve amongst delicious curry too coming together some new people.  Including a twain of swain bloggers who, despite never having met them I at nowadays recognised too felt similar I knew them already.  Despite a shower mid afternoon the atmospheric condition perked upwardly too nosotros enjoyed it all inward typical Singaporean temperatures too.

It was a lovely day, the bride looked radiant too I loved hers too her sister's dresses.  It was a 24-hour interval to endure proud to endure British too I for sure was.  All that is left is for me to wishing William too Kate (or the Duke too Duchess of Cambridge) a long too real happy marriage!


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