Things must do in Singapore: Goodbye 2010, How-Do-You-Do 2011

So much has happened to me in a year.  Those who regularly sentiment my spider web log volition know that this fourth dimension final twelvemonth I was coming to Singapore for a 2 calendar week trip alongside my fiance (boyfriend equally he thus was) who was starting a novel labor here.  Whilst hither I did all the touristy things that anyone when asked what they associate alongside Singapore would do, you lot know a Singapore Sling inwards Raffles hotel etc. etc. (more of all of that soon).  I tin flame good retrieve also sitting too the hotel puddle considering the pros as well as cons of quitting my labor to bring together him or waiting a flake longer earlier I took what thus seemed such a massive pace as well as a huge life change. 

The motility hither was out of the blueish for me, it wasn't something nosotros talked close doing for months or even years on destination beforehand.  My fiance only had 2 telephone calls as well as was offered the job, I was blown away.  In hindsight I should get got guessed it powerfulness tumble out at some betoken equally earlier I knew him he had lived as well as worked inwards Melbourne but I estimate I only never thought close it until I had no selection but to.

In the destination I decided to rest inwards our United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland apartment until the destination of the lease (June) as well as use for a career intermission from my labor thus I had something to become dorsum to only inwards case.  This felt similar a one-half means pace for me as well as safer thus going all out as well as moving over hither on a permanent basis.  If that determination had stayed equally it was thus I'd last heading dorsum to the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland close similar a shot to supply dorsum to work!  Anyway it didn't equally life never goes precisely equally you lot intend it volition as well as in 1 lawsuit I got here I realised going dorsum wasn't actually an alternative and decided to get got the pace of quitting my labor to stay.  My fiance beingness hither was the primary reason, we'd been at contrary sides of the the world for six months as well as the thought of leaving him in 1 lawsuit again was only horrible.  Funnily plenty it was solely when I got here that I realised how difficult it must get got been for him at offset totally on his ain hither as well as precisely how much I had missed him during those six months.  We also got engaged shortly later I arrived which made me experience it was fifty-fifty to a greater extent than of import that nosotros should drive to rest together rather than me disappearing again.  I'd also started to experience settled here, having met some lovely people as well as felt I'd started to brand a few friends of my ain rather than only relying on those that my fiance had already met.

The offset photograph I took inwards Singapore during my view inwards Jan 2010

Yes in that location are times when I immature lady domicile as well as my identify unit of measurement as well as friends dorsum there and the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland volition e'er last my true home.  With my fiance out all hateful solar daytime at run during the week I sometimes yearn to only last able to popular as well as run across my Mum or grab upwards alongside mortal as well as get got a expert gossip.  When I experience similar that though I only remind myself of the wonderful opportunities I've had inwards the past six months, how my life has changed beyond my imagination as well as the things I've done as well as places I've been that I never could get got imagined doing.  Similarly I remind myself of all the places I'm nonetheless to run across inwards this business office of the the world which I promise I larn the chance to do.  Failing that I'll get got myself off somewhere novel or fifty-fifty only for a browse around the shops only to remind myself how fortunate I am.

So equally a novel twelvemonth begins I get got a lot to proceed me rattling busy, for one continuing to respect Singapore as well as hopefully other places too and secondly a lot of planning as well as organising for my marriage ceremony inwards October.  This twelvemonth I'll last dividing my fourth dimension betwixt the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland as well as Singapore, but I promise you'll stick alongside me equally I get got plenty of ideas of things to write close as well as I'll drive non to plow into a marriage ceremony bore on hither either!  Although it volition last lovely to be back inwards the UK I know equally good that I'll last missing Singapore, my fiance, my friends as well as the identify that for similar a shot is my home.


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