Things must do in Singapore: Childhood Fairy Tales As Well As Plant Nursery Rhymes

Quite past times adventure I've late been to 2 restaurants which part an unusual common theme, they are both named afterwards children's fairy tale together with plant nursery rhyme characters.  The commencement 1 beingness Bar Bar Black Sheep together with the instant Big Bad Wolf.  There is no link betwixt the 2 places other than that they share original names together with are both places I would suggest to others to visit.

Boomarang only because this quay has a overnice Dominicus relaxed vibe to it.

The bar/restaurant serves Thai, Indian together with Western food, nosotros opted for Thai together with shared a few dishes, all of which were really good.  I'm non certain virtually the other menus available but I did notice above the Thai nutrient counter, at least, there was a sign indicating that they had begun life every bit a hawker stall together with prided themselves on the quality of the nutrient served.  At the Robertson Quay branch you lot tin direct to sit down within or out, the exterior tables overlooking the Singapore river.  We picked an exterior tabular array together with enjoyed a relaxed evening at a house alongside a overnice ambiance together with practiced food.

Last calendar week nosotros together with then went to some other restaurant/bar called Big Bad Wolf, this house is really or thus us on Tanjong Katong Road together with although we'd eyed it upward a few times we'd never genuinely been.  It was good worth the visit, the decor is quirky together with in keeping alongside the topic of the large bad wolf together with Little Red Riding Hood floor the walls have trees painted on them together with all the seats bring a wolf blueprint on them.  The carte du jour consists of burgers together with a few other traditional dishes such every bit bangers together with mash.  I picked cottage pie, it was really good together with came inward a bowl alongside a ceramic hog on the side (perhaps some other fairy tale / plant nursery rhyme topic every bit the lady nigh me had a sheep on hers).

Something which is a bit of a rarity is that we together with then decided to bring desserts, I had H2O ice cream alongside chocolate sauce which was delicious but my fiance had a Baileys infused chocolate tart every bit the photograph below shows.  It was a really alcoholic tart (definitely non 1 for the children) even thus I idea the best business office of this dessert was the fabulous wolf silhouette inward cocoa on the plate.  Definitely attending to detail.  The service hither was neat likewise something that e'er makes me desire to provide to a place.  Asides from the eating area at that spot was also an surface area that you lot could sit down if you lot only wanted to relish a drink.  I intend this is somewhere we'll hold upward returning to earlier long.

Update - 21 Oct 2012

Sadly since writing this Big Bad Wolf has immediately shut down.  A existent shame, inward my opinion, every bit it was a neat local house to instruct for a twosome of drinks together with some food.

There is, however, immediately a Bar Bar Black Sheep on Tanjong Katong Road every bit good every bit the 1 mentioned above, serving practiced Thai together with Indian food.

Update - Apr 2015 - The Bar Bar Black Sheep on Tanjong Katong Road immediately entirely serves Indian food. 


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