Things to do in Singapore: Ten Questions To An Expat: Dazzling Donnaya

Introducing Donnaya Antao, gorgeous married adult woman too woman bring upwards of 2 adorable children, Joshua too Katerina. When she's non cooking upwards a veritable tempest of Thai delicacies inward the kitchen, you lot may abide by her strumming away at the piano.

1) So Donnaya, how long accept you lot lived inward Singapore?
Two too a one-half years.

2) Where are you lot from originally?
Bangkok, Thailand.

3) What brought you lot here?
My married adult man Peter is an engineer inward the stone oil business. We moved hither from Houston, Texas.

4) What produce you lot produce inward your spare time?
I produce a lot of cooking, exactly if I accept gratis fourth dimension I exercise the piano-trying to grab upwards amongst my kids!

5) What produce you lot similar best most Singapore?
The convenience too the safety. It is too therefore slow to alive here.

6) What produce you lot similar least?
The size of the condo apartments. I want they were bigger.

7) Never larn out the delineate of piece of job solid without?
Umbrella too a comb.

8) Best weekend trip?
Phuket, Thailand. The beaches are beautiful too I dear Thai food.

9) Interesting fact people don't know most you?
In my 20's, I was i of the college students selected to stand upwards for Thailand inward eleven unlike countries inward South East Asia-I ended upwards coming together eleven prime number ministers! It was awesome!

10) What advice would you lot laissez passer on mortal who is most to motion here?
Bring a lot of coin amongst you lot every bit housing, schools, too groceries are all really expensive! Also, produce your shopping during the calendar week because on the weekends malls are really crowded!


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