The Bit Arrest Warrant

Whoa, what a solar daytime right? I am actually next this word in addition to its outcome. This afternoon I intend it’s almost reaching its route to ending. I am shocked how fast the COMELEC filed a example against CGMA in addition to how fast the RTC issued a warrant of arrest. Indeed about other history has been written today, about other president has sentenced to give-up the ghost I hateful to jail.

Well, nosotros all know that CGMA is actually guilty every bit to her famous “I am sorry” why would yous nation distressing if you didn't do anything wrong? And her, existence arrested is what she deserves in addition to I commend the PH’s judicial organisation for that fast, almost-a-day-case in addition to activeness for the election sabotaging president.

I am actually non against to whatsoever whom. I am only a citizen who speaks my need heed in addition to actually shouting out my opinion. Just similar what I ever say,

"events that travel on inwards our solid soil volition sooner after impact the citizen, therefore nosotros actually accept to talk, speak our need heed out, human activity in addition to change."

My delineate of piece of occupation concern is.

How fast? They tin larn inwards fast similar a solar daytime for a someone to hold upward arrested? Why other BIG AND REALLY ALSO SERIOUS CASES LIKE MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE has no outcome until now? If they tin brand a example fast to hold upward decided, therefore why non create it inwards other cases?
I accept questions in addition to I actually wanna hear your vocalisation nigh it.

What create yous intend nigh the arrest of CGMA?
  1. The famous misunderstanding betwixt the EXECUTIVE in addition to JUDICIAL Dept.?
  2. If they tin larn inwards fast to create upward one's need heed inwards a example why non to other ones?
  3. If CGMA is abroad now, for instance, create yous intend she’ll come upward dorsum to expression upward her arrest?
  4. Do yous intend CGMA were only getting sympathy? (with her cervix braces)
Note: I heard that CGMA in addition to her team, that solar daytime that they are supposed to exit to Singapore, they tin purpose about other agency to piece of occupation inwards NAIA, they chose to become to divergence expanse in addition to mix alongside the media.


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