2D2n: Singapore City!

Day 02
Since nosotros arrived late, nosotros weren’t able to cheque the places nosotros postulate to see from our itinerary schedule upon SG arrival. We likewise came belatedly at Universal Studios Singapore (around 10 am) that nosotros missed i major ride.

Revenge of the Mummy: Yup, nosotros tried this twice!

1 If you plan to seize the USS yous meliorate hold upwardly arriving yesteryear ix am at least.
2. There’s a costless educate service at the Vivo City on the piece of occupation yesteryear level, then yous don’t postulate to pay for motorcoach going to Sentosa Island as well as vice versa.
3. Bring water/bread because again, it’s pricey within the USS. You tin also eat start prior heading to USS. From the Vivo City, become to the other side of the route as well as yous volition encounter a foodcourt that offers Php 100 repast that’s heavy plenty for the day. Bonus: Freshly made juices as well as dishes.
4. There are lockers within USS. It’s your telephone band if yous wanna select stuff. Locker’s though select payment per fourth dimension period. Most lockers are allocated per ride.
5. You gonna acquire moisture inwards Jurassic Water Adventure, then delight select extra have on as well as shoes or hold upwardly caught off guard!. Trust me!

To add together to a greater extent than subject inwards Universal Studios' Jurassic park, their cafeteria is
designed alongside this gigantic skeleton interior.

Go far far away alongside Shrek!

Tried out Singaporean Laksa. I dearest how the shrimp sense of savour then fresh. This is likewise the argue why we
missed a major ride inwards USS. We idea that the park's soundless opened upwardly until nosotros complete our meal.
When nosotros went out, almost all the amusements are closed.  

1800: Merlion Park & Dinner at Glutton's bay.

Why swallow there?
Because there's a lot of nutrient choices, the nutrient are for sure prepared fresh as well as construct clean as well as the cost is cheap.

There's “Gerry’s grill” there, a famous Filipino restaurant.
We were joking eating in that location instead of trying Singaporean dishes.

In illustration yous desire to acquire more, hither are the 10 Free things to create inwards Singapore.

1900: Went dorsum to our Hostel. 
Rode a motorcoach home. Riding a motorcoach would allow yous to persuasion the streets of Singapore instead of going roughly using their subway. Subway all the same is really convenient for it volition allow yous to transfer from indicate to indicate as well as from goal to destination.

Day 03
Last solar daytime inwards Singapore. Trailed inwards Henderson waves, Gardens yesteryear the Bay. Marina Bay Sands, The Arts House, National Gallery Singapore as well as Merlion yesteryear the afternoon. We likewise went shopping at Orchard for affordable souvenir items as well as chocolates.

Can yous imagine how high nosotros were?

Lol, Arowana Grande!

So nosotros dine for tiffin inwards Marina Bay's -- which a footling expensive.
However, it is worth it! nosotros likewise had a convo alongside staff as well as talked nearly Philippine Politics! 

1. Allocate a whole solar daytime inwards Garden’s yesteryear the bay. There are then much to encounter inwards it as well as for certain yous won’t regret existence there!
2. If yous wanna go trailing to Henderson waves, select effort suits as well as prophylactic shoes, this is to a greater extent than of a physical trekking sort of activity. Reward? Top persuasion of the Singapore city!
3. Asian’s Civilizations Museum as well as National Galley Singapore has fees, if you’re non tight alongside your budgeting, yous tin become in. For certain you'll acquire then much inwards it!.
4. Shopping at Orchard till yous drop! There are a lot of Pinoy as well as inexpensive items In this place. I estimate a trip won’t hold upwardly consummate without pasalubong!

This is the staircase within a museum -- The arts trouble solid at the Old
Parliament bldg of Singapore.

0020: Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur.
– went dorsum to JB sentral for a nighttime go via train. Since nosotros did a lot of walking as well as trekking for the day, nosotros got then tired as well as woke upwardly finding ourselves dorsum inwards Kuala Lumpur.
Seizing Malaysia!

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