Singapore F1 - 2011 K Prix

It's coming! The hateful solar daytime of F1 Grand Prix race inwards Singapore is zooming inwards fast inwards the calendar. I checked the countdown on the Singapore GP website, it's precisely 29 days to go!

When I kickoff come across hither inwards Singapore, it was the calendar week of the F1 Grand Prix. But during that fourth dimension I don't bring the coin to purchase tickets in addition to thus I didn't picket it. But a twelvemonth later, it's a flake different. And because it's the terminal twelvemonth of F1 inwards Singapore, I volition non immature lady the gamble to larn my eardrums crushed past times the booming thunder of Formula 1 race cars! What's more, 1 of my favorite international bands, Linkin Park, volition last performing on the race day. So it's a double whammy! I larn to consider the race, in addition to I larn to consider the band! Two birds inwards 1 stone.

Single hateful solar daytime tickets begin from $38, based on the website. If yous desire to picket the 3-day event, which falls on September 23, 24 in addition to 25, yous tin direct from unlike pricing in addition to areas. What I volition mass is the unmarried ticket for the race day, September 25, on Zone 4. This volition terms me $148, merely this may last my once-in-a-lifetime gamble to consider F1 in addition to Linkin Park, in addition to thus I know it volition last worth the money.

Are yous going to consider F1 Grand Prix? Hit the comments!

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