Woow From Roughly Other Ambassador; Singapore #1

Hello again!
Today I am posting something different! Here is kickoff business office of my beau ambassador friend who had amazing fourth dimension inwards Singapore! Enjoy

I was inwards Singapore at Apr 2015 via EF linguistic communication course. I went at that topographic point to report English, non Standard Mandarin or Singlish, i calendar month would’ve been likewise brusque to larn totally novel language.
I got my go gratis of charge, because I was Ambassador (guy who promote EF as well as enjoin most ain trip inwards unlike places etc.) hence I had plenty points to receive got a gratis course.
But because I decided to accept linguistic communication course, instead of linguistic communication travel, I had to purchase flying tickets on my own.

I had truly 2 destinations inwards my mind, Miami as well as Singapore. I receive got been dreaming to go to Miami for a long time, but when I started to search unlike destinations, I constitute Singapore. Still I was thinking that, good Miami would hold upward rattling nice, but hence I constitute out that at that topographic point were non possibilities to remain inwards host menage unit of measurement as well as that was the 2nd when I decided to accept Singapore.
I receive got to say, I don’t regret my decision.

After 12 hours’ flying alongside Finnair, I in conclusion arrived to Changi airport. To the airport, which receive got selected several times every bit a best aerodrome inwards the world.
I didn’t walk but about the aerodrome that much, because I wanted to proceed going as well as accomplish my concluding destination; my host family, every bit presently every bit possible. -- I had talked alongside my host menage unit of measurement before, via email, hence I knew something most them, as well as I also knew how to acquire to their home. They seemed rattling dainty as well as friendly. -- I truly recommend to verbalize alongside host menage unit of measurement earlier your travel, because hence yous know something beforehand, as well as yous mightiness fifty-fifty receive got their photos hence that yous know how they hold back like.
I also warmly recommend to purchase something from your domicile province for yous host family, because afterwards all yous volition remain at that topographic point at to the lowest degree i calendar month as well as they give yous food, accommodation etc.
So it is but friendly gesture -- for example, I was kickoff Finnish educatee ever inwards my host family, as well as they loved my Moomin mugs as well as Fazer blueberry-chocolate.

I receive got to say, that I receive got ever been rattling shy, as well as earlier my Singapore trip, I was niggling afraid to verbalize English linguistic communication everywhere. And i of my goal was to acquire some courage to speak to a greater extent than English linguistic communication inwards public.
So when I didn’t discovery my host menage unit of measurement apartment, I but had to discovery person to inquire directions.

After few hours, from aerodrome to host menage unit of measurement alongside Singapore subway organisation (SMRT, rattling proficient agency to become around) as well as walking around, finally, I was standing front end of their door as well as waiting person to opened upward it.
I was there, as well as i goal as well as dream was already reached.
And that was alone the laid about of the one-month journey.

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