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Currently, I select 2 telephone slings (RS), 2 woven wraps in addition to 1 soft structured carrier (SSC). They are (from left to right):
  • Didymos[1] Indio Aurora RS
  • Yaro Sling[2] Size 5
  • Oscha[3] Tian Ma Clove RS
  • Little Frog[4] Size 3
  • ErgoBaby[5] Travel Carrier (not inwards to a higher house picture)
I got my Oscha RS from Oscha itself, Didy in addition to Little Frog from Jars of Fluff[6], ErgoBaby from OG departmental store, in addition to terminal but non least, Yaro from Slingo Mama.

Among my collection, I select a soft spot for my Oscha Tian Ma because QW is born a Equus caballus (her Chinese horoscope) in addition to Tian Ma is Oscha's roll for the yr of Horse. Hence, I bought this item Oscha hoping to overstep on equally a legacy carrier inwards future.

My solely regret? I did non purchase the woven roll version in addition to Tian Ma roll is currently out of stock. I got the RS dorsum so because I was most comfortable alongside using RS at that signal inwards time. It was also because I was non sure as shooting what my favourite woven roll size is.

Sadly, I read somewhere inwards Babywearing Singapore Facebook group[7] that RS volition non live real appropriate equally legacy carrier because the seams mightiness live compromised equally fourth dimension passes. So correct now, I am only hoping that Oscha volition hit some other Tian Ma of a cloth blend which I want. Then, I volition likely sell off the RS in addition to acquire the woven wrap.

Probably because Oscha is quite an established company, the packaging is slap-up equally it comes alongside a tote handbag in addition to basic babywearing guide. I uncovering the tote handbag real convenient equally it helps me locate my carrier easily inwards my rather messy diaper bag. The babywearing conduct is a slap-up read peculiarly for novel beginners.
Oscha packaging
Oscha tote bag

Anyway, Tian Ma Clove was hemp in addition to pima cotton fiber blend of close 235gsm. Not just soft out of box but I similar it. Once broken, it feels silky smooth, glides easily but yet grippy plenty to remain inwards place. Also, likely because it is a hemp blend, it is supportive in addition to does non sag due to QW's weight.

Didy packs their wraps in addition to RS inwards a foursquare box which comes alongside infant wearing instructions. Nice agency of packaging but I experience that the box is less practical than Oscha's tote bag.

Many swear yesteryear Didymos. My personal experience alongside Didy has non been a polish nor pleasant one. The ii aspects I liked is the looks in addition to experience of my Didymos Indio Aurora RS. Probably because it was made from organic cotton fiber of close 210gsm, it was the softest out of box amid my pocket-size woven roll collection in addition to real lightweight.

But similar I select said, my journeying alongside Didy has non been a pleasant one. In fact, it gave me the most headache. First off, I did non similar its width. It is the shortest amid my collection. I prefer longer width because I uncovering it easier to create a deep spot when wrapping QW. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 personal preference. Hence, Didy did non print me alongside its width.
Left to right: Oscha, Didy, LF, Yaro
Didy is visibly shorter
Main purpose that actually gets to me most is that this Didy is most prone to pull.
Small clit on Yaro

FYI, I practise non become close hunting for pulls. What I commonly practise alongside my wraps is later on wearing for close a calendar week (if it did non acquire muddied before than that), I would launder in addition to so iron. I practise that mainly to reset the threads (and at the beginning, to interruption in) in addition to launder away the sweat which the roll absorbed over the week. It was during the fourth dimension when I atomic let on 26 my wraps that I proceed a ticker for pulls. Just a fossil oil scan equally I atomic let on 26 downward the wraps' length.

I select been wearing my Oscha, Little Frog in addition to Didy for roughly close the same duration. But, spotting pulls on my Didy has been easy. (Yeah, I am beingness sarcastic here.) Probably alongside a hitting charge per unit of measurement of around 50% chance. That actually puts me off.

I was told that it is because Didy is loose (jacquard) weave. Well, my Yaro Sling (I was told) is also of loose weave. But for Yaro, I select solely spotted clit in 1 trial out of the many times which I had ironed it.

So, ya... I incertitude I volition acquire some other Didy.


Yaro Sling
Yaro Sling was my foremost woven wrap. I read from sources[8][9] in addition to so bought the most conservative base of operations size for a petite beginner. I could practise my base of operations size carries inwards it but I uncovering the length besides overwhelming for me. Size 5's 4.2m is besides much for me to handgrip in addition to it sweeps the flooring equally I ready to acquit QW.

Well, if yous select read my other post service "Motherhood: I Worry Excessively...", I am an OCD. I cannot imagine setting upward a acquit outdoor alongside the roll sweeping the floor. Hence, Yaro is commonly occupation when I am at domicile in addition to needed to acquire some materials done.

For those alongside a depression budget, it is a reasonable roll to acquire equally Yaro's motto is to ensure that the cost is reasonable for anyone wants a roll to live able to ain one. But perchance because this Yaro is pretty novel on the marketplace (?) or that it is trying to convey downward the cost, it does non come upward alongside babywearing conduct in addition to the packaging is real simple. Actually, it is only the roll inwards a plastic bag.

It is the 2d softest out of the box amid my collection, 100% cotton fiber in addition to close 230gsm. True to the review yesteryear Wrap You inwards Love[10], it glides easily in addition to yet is grippy plenty to remain inwards place. Though it is longer than my LF yesteryear close 1 meter, it stills experience quite calorie-free inwards my hands (as compared to my LF). Another likely argue apart from its listed weight per foursquare meter (gsm) could live that it is a loose weave. My Didy felt calorie-free equally good when compared to Oscha or LF.

But, I personally practise non experience that it is a beginner-friendly roll because the whole roll is of a unmarried dominant colour. That makes it slightly hard to differentiate the top rails from the bottom one. Hence, it mightiness acquire inwards hard for beginners equally they may select receive got of the incorrect rails when wrapping.

Little Frog
LF comes inwards a plastic handbag alongside babywearing conduct similar Oscha in addition to Didy. Currently, my favourite is my shorty Little Frog Sunny Agate size 3. It is also 100% cotton, only similar Yaro in addition to Didy. Unlike Yaro in addition to Didy, it is on the heavier side of close 240gsm in addition to non loose (jacquard) weave. It is a denser broken twill. Hence, amid the 3, I was shocked my its stiffness when I got it out of its plastic wrapping.

Luckily, it is non hard to interruption inwards this LF. Before I bought this LF, I commonly depend on my RS for slow in addition to quick ups in addition to downs. That was why RS was my favourite pick of carrier for a long catamenia of time. Perhaps because LF is of my favourite acquit size, I commonly volition attain out for it fifty-fifty if I postulate quick ups in addition to downs alongside QW nowadays.

One of the many aspects of LF that appeals to me is its rainbow stripes. It makes it real easier to differentiate top rails from bottom rail, thus making the wrapping easier. Also, it has a cooling experience to it every fourth dimension I pick it upward fresh from the wardrobe. Last but non least, it glides easily but yet is grippy plenty in addition to supportive. I had chosen it because it is said to live toddler-worthy. To me, that meant that it volition non sag nether the baby's weight.

I would tell that the learning curvature for ErgoBaby carrier is non a steep one. In fact, it is the easiest to occupation amid my collection. Having said that, my wife would live the 1 using ErgoBaby if it was used at all nowadays. As for me, I volition attain out for my wraps in addition to RS.

Why is that so? Firstly, I uncovering ErgoBaby a niggling besides warm for my liking. Secondly, the straps acquire inwards my agency (even later on I tied them upward using the elastic bends). Last but non least, it is much to a greater extent than bulkier to convey out equally compared to my wraps or RS. Last but non least, spell my other wraps tin terminate live used from newborn to toddler, ErgoBaby requires an infant insert for babies less than four months or without expert cervix support. That infant insert looks VERY warm. Anyway, nosotros did non purchase the infant insert.

So, ranking them according to personal preference when I am out in addition to about:
  1. Little Frog Sunny Agate Size 3
  2. Oscha Tian Ma Clove RS
  3. Didymos Indio Aurora RS
  4. ErgoBaby Travel Carrier
  5. Yaro Turtle Light Blue Size 5
Before I end, psst... I select a handwoven 100% cotton fiber roll from Fibressence Wovens[11] in addition to machine woven 50% cotton fiber 50% linen Heartiness[12] Entho Blue on the way. So, the ranking mightiness change. I volition practise some other post service in 1 trial to a greater extent than later on I acquire a experience of those two.

Ssshhh, don't tell Richard that I select fallen downward the rabbit hole. Well, I am paying out of my ain pitiful freelancer pay. So, this is fuelling my motivation to select receive got of to a greater extent than gratis lance jobs =P Oh, I should advert (by the way) that this weblog post service is my personal opinions on the carriers which I ain (bought).

Hopefully yesteryear the side yesteryear side post service on this topic, I volition live able to tell that I am out of the rabbit hole. I am real sure as shooting I won't effort other types of carriers (Mei Tai, Stretchy wrap, etc.) So, I recollect that it is possible for me to live out (assuming I acquire my hands on the Oscha legacy wrap).

  1. Didymos
  2. Slingo Mama - Yaro
  3. Oscha Slings
  4. Little Frog
  5. ErgoBaby
  6. Jars of Fluff
  7. Facebook - Babywearing Singapore (Closed Group)
  8. Fort Worth Babywearers - Babywearing Guide
  9. Babywearing 102 - The Babywearing Glossary
  10. Wrap You inwards Love
  11. Facebook - FibrEssence Wovens
  12. Facebook - Heartines


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