Best Bitcoin Telephone Substitution How To Sign Upward To Airbit Guild Using Your Bitcoin Wallet (Coins Ph)

These are the procedures on how you lot volition instruct a Member using your Bitcoin Wallet 
(Coins.Ph Account)

Please note that you lot should opened upwards your Coins Ph Account earlier doing this together with it should direct maintain plenty funds depending on the preferred Airbit Club Membership.

It should hold upwards done inside fifteen Minutes

Here are the Steps: 

 Step 1: Please click this link inwards a split URL/Browser: Airbit Sign-Up for Local together with International Members

 Step 2: Select the Membership that you lot prefer, click Next...

 Step 3: Fill-out all the details. Note: Make certain that your email is right together with active. Click Next...

 Step 4: The arrangement volition create the BTC Wallet together with the sum of Bitcoin that you lot necessitate to send.

Step 5: Go to your Coins PH Account together with Click BTC together with and thence Send.

Another option: on your mobile phone, you lot tin merely ship on the Qr Code equally shown inwards Step 4.

Step 6: Copy Paste the sum of BTC together with the BTC Wallet Address, select the Blockchain Fee Amount together with Click Continue.

Step 7: In the side yesteryear side fifteen Minutes, it volition hold upwards credited to my Cash wallet together with I'll hold upwards the ane to select your network position. Please allow me know.

If you're using or thence other e-wallet aside from Coins Ph, you lot merely entirely necessitate to Send the BTC Amount together with the BTC Address  to the Invoice that is produced yesteryear the system.

Note: Depending on the blockchain, sometimes it volition accept 24 to 48 hours or more.

Thank you lot for beingness a fellow member of Airbit Club!


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