Singaporetravelmap: Vegetarianism: Boneless Kitchen (Part I Of Birthday Treat)

The firstly halt of my birthday process was to Boneless Kitchen[1][2]. They specialises inwards vegetarian korean food.

It used to hold upward located inwards Bukit Merah when it was reviewed past times Hungry Ang Mo[2]. It seemed that he had mixed reviews on the character of the food. Mostly leaning towards that at that spot is room for improvement. But since he mentioned that they had improved from a previous days, it mightiness hold upward possible that they own got made farther progress since their Bukit Merah days.

As a vegetarian inwards Singapore, it is quite slowly to respect Chinese, Indian in addition to Western versions. But other eastern nutrient such every bit Korean, Japanese are harder to come upward by. Hence, I was actually looking forwards to it when my sis suggested to grade me a process at Boneless Kitchen.

Let me elbow grease to retrieve what nosotros ordered:
Korean regular army stew, pancake, kim chi, pickled radish, white patato vermicelli, squid rings, pan-fried tofu, dumplings, toppoki, etc.

This photograph was taken at the outset of the feast. I did non contend to to own got whatever to a greater extent than when the other sides were served because I was also hungry past times hence :p

To quote my sister: "You are pigssss" :p *Haha* Ya, nosotros actually pigged out :p 

Location wise, it is rattling nigh Tai Seng MRT. Probably most 10 mins walk max in addition to pretty slowly to locate. Do Federal Reserve annotation that they opened upward from 11:30 am - ix pm on Tues - Sun.

Ambience wise, the ornamentation is pretty korean looking but I felt that they could practise an fifty-fifty to a greater extent than korean experience past times playing k-pop every bit their background music instead of Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On".

Food wise, nosotros liked the regular army stew the best. Dumplings were pretty interesting alongside the kim chi fillings. The residue which I tried are pretty alright or normal. But I personally respect that the pancake was a footling apartment (just every bit Hungry Ang Mo reviewed) in addition to oily. Also, I preferred the toppoki that my sis 1 time made for me over theirs...

I experience that Boneless Kitchen is worth at to the lowest degree a try. Since at that spot are quite a publish of dishes which I own got even hence to try, I mightiness see Boneless Kitchen over again if I am or hence the expanse or coming together my friends there. But, I likely won't exit of my means only to see them.

*I revisited Boneless Kitchen over again most a calendar week later on my 1st visit. This time, the background music is inwards Korean ;)*


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