Singaporetravelmap: Motherhood: Love/Hate Feelings Of Existence A Stay-At-Home-Mum (Sahm)

3 months later the arrival of QW, I made the selection to travel a housewife/home maker/ SAHM. For mortal who had been inwards the operate forcefulness for to a greater extent than than 10 years, it was a HUGE change.

Sample reactions (in Singlish aka Singapore-English) of those who got to know that I am a SAHM: "Wah, in addition to thence shiok no demand to work. Enjoy life at home.", "Envy you, got hubby back upward you.", "Wah, yous rich leh. That's why no demand to work.", "Why don't leave of absence her alongside your/his parents or at childcare?".

Some are concerned that I may prepare low due to boredom of staying at home. Err... cheers for the trouble organisation but SAHM does non hateful I am rooted to the identify in addition to never acquire out. Still, I volition brain your advice in addition to remain sane past times catching upward alongside friends/pursue my hobbies/go out for walks etc.

Some envy me because I escaped from utilization settings. Other are envious because they recollect that I am damn filthy rich to travel able to forgo my salary. There are likewise those who recollect that I volition travel damn costless or I do aught the whole day. Well, I tin flame entirely order that life is ever greener on the other side of the pasture.

If yous recollect nigh it carefully, I am at my "work place" almost 24/7 in addition to earn (if lucky) a 3-digits pay out of my freelance projects. If I am non breastfeeding QW, I am wiping the floor, doing the laundry, cooking, etc. How does that audio to yous now?

By the way, give cheers yous really much for asking, but I don't believe inwards leaving her inwards the hands of others (parents/childcare/maid, etc.). I know it's a norm/choice to post kids off to travel taken tending of past times mortal else nowadays. I made choice non to travel component subdivision of the electrical flow norm of beingness a full-time working mother but an olden days' norm of beingness a SAHM.

My apologies if I offended anyone. But, why should I leave of absence her inwards mortal else's hands after making the selection to convey her to the world? Why should I miss out beingness 1 of the front end row audiences of her milestones?

So, how do I experience now? Poor yet rich, practiced yet bad, secure yet insecure, dear yet loathe at the same time. Here are some of the reasons behind my conflicting feelings:

  • We bicker communicate more since nosotros are both at domicile (he generally industrial plant from home).
  • We acquire to witness QW's milestones together :)
  • We acquire to capture moments/photos of QW which she volition loathe us for inwards hereafter =P
  • We possess got a higher adventure of eating domicile cooked meals.
  • We acquire to relish improve working surround since I am or in addition to thence to do the identify work.
  • I tin flame larn novel things at my ain stride in addition to unremarkably don't possess got to study my progress!
  • I tin flame pursue my ain interests: infant wearing, blogging, cooking, etc.
  • I tin flame acquire on a vacation without waiting for boss's approval. Yippee!
  • We possess got Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 LOT LESS MONEY! *feeling really insecure financially* *crossing fingers that nosotros won't acquire booted out of the identify due to rise SIBOR!*
  • I acquire to ogle at materials to a greater extent than often since I possess got to spotter my finances closely. Alright, it's to a greater extent than similar I can't afford to purchase most of the materials which I used to.
  • We gave upward our auto in addition to the nearest jitney halt is 5 mins away. Oh, that jitney halt has entirely 1 jitney in addition to a nighttime rider, alongside a typical waiting fourth dimension of nigh fifteen to xx mins.
  • People assume that he paid for our stuff *roll eyes* I am non a Tai Tai!!! in addition to the diapers, rompers, etc. are paid out of my pitiful freelance pay.
  • I acquire frustrated if I am non given me-time. VERY frustrated.
  • I uncertainty my ain marketplace value.
  • I think/feel that people dismiss my reckon because I am only a housewife.
  • I even in addition to thence loathe to do identify work. Period. And at that topographic point is no destination to it! *Grrr...*

So earlier yous sign upward equally housewife or concur to your married adult woman beingness a housewife, travel careful what yous are inwards for.

All the best in addition to possess got a slap-up day/night ahead!


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