Things to do in Singapore: [Cafe Hopping Inward Singapore] The Bravery Cafe (Jalan Besar)

You mightiness totally missy The Bravery cafe fifty-fifty if yous are staring it correct at the face. Located along Horne Road ( reverse Jalan Besar Stadium), this cafe is signless together with has tinted ( most opaque) windows when yous looked inwards from outside. It's most 'hidden' amidst the row of shops. 
 If I didn't know better, I would definitely non dare to pace into upwards together with pushed that door.  

However ane time yous pace inwards everything is vivid together with there's zippo mysterious. 
Take a breather together with sit down downwards together with convey your cuppa.

The industrial decor is down- to-earth correct downwards to the bare minimal. 
Nothing fanciful but rattling laid-back together with relaxed. 

Here's the social club for the day:
Lavender latte $5.50
Absolutely love the fragrant loving cup of latte which goes downwards slowly together with shine without existence overly sweet.

And from the Sugar App, nosotros got a delicious S'mores Tart $6.50  (original price) at a rattling proficient price. You should actually download Sugar App for fantastic offers past times merchants together with the latest updates on food!  

Filled amongst chocolate fanache together with topped amongst toasted marshmallows, this is an enjoyable tart to tuck into. The sweetness was simply prissy together with non also overwhelming but a tad dry out though.

Cappuccino $4.50
This was thick together with aromatic together with proficient to larn to get-go your solar daytime off on a vivid note.

Added on two fried eggs $3.

Salmon Sandwich $14.
This rattling uncomplicated sandwich is actually something yous tin forcefulness out produce at dwelling trace of piece of job solid unfortunately. Spread amongst cream cheese, cucumber, chives together with salmon betwixt multigrain breadstuff slight toasted for a calorie-free crisp. Though alright inwards taste, but non worthy together with means also slowly for the price.

Pancakes Stack $15
three thick slices of soft mashy pancakes amongst means also much love syrup for my liking, resulting inwards over sweetness. Due to the abundance of the syrup, the pancake became actually soggy inside minutes. Topped amongst Bananas, ricotta cheese together with pistachios this was mediocre at best. 

Are at that topographic point whatsoever other meliorate selections at The Bravery? Understand the bill of fare is the same all day, but could at that topographic point endure meliorate things other than the coffees?
If yous necessitate a sip or a placidity house to chill this mightiness endure your choice.
 Free Wifi is available also together with it's super cosy, nutrient wise however, non much of an impression.

66 Horne road
Opening: 9am-7pm
6225 4387 
unopen on Tuesday


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