Things to do in Singapore: [Food Review Inward Singapore] X Years Of Celebration Amongst Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & Bbq Eatery

Warning: Food porn pictures ahead ^^ 

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ eating theatre celebrates its tenth anniversary at a novel prime number place amongst a larger seating capacity too an expanded business upwards of authentic home-styled Korean food.

Side Dish Set $10.00 for 6 varieties of Korean appetizers per serving.
Try the Spicy Kimchi which uses the restaurant’s unique homemade blend of apples, Korean pears, chilli powder, garlic, ginger, Korean prawn paste, fish sauce, sugar, scallions too radish. The play of sour, spicy too umami gustation amongst each mouthful comes later leaving the fresh cabbage to ferment for five days inward the fridge. Kimchi is high inward fibre withal depression inward calories too its lactic acid bacteria are said to aid digestion.

All made past times Crystal Jade’s squad of chefs using traditional methods too surreptitious recipes honed over the years.

Spicy H2O chestnut volition mixed amongst chili. Jelly soft

Radishes, beansprouts....

Beancurd omelette..

Who tin forget Japchae? My favourite


The restaurant’s signature dish, Authentic Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ($28 per serving)
 This nourishing process amongst whole four-year-old ginseng root, fresh chicken stuffed amongst gummy rice, cherry dates too gingko nuts, is immersed inward ginseng water, ginseng too steamed for 1.5 hours earlier combined amongst a flavourful chicken soup base of operations too boiled slow over approximately other three hours. Phew, how much move is that?

H5N1 favourite for the hot summertime season, this wholesome soup is enjoyed inward Korean homes equally mothers believe that ginseng tin aid to cool trunk temperatures, boost liberate energy levels

The grooming fourth dimension involves many hours inward social club to fully extract the goodness too flavours of the ingredients.

Stewed Top Grade Beef Short Rib ($29 per serving. Serves 2-4 persons)

Prime Australian beef ribs were braised for several hours amongst an soy sauce, garlic amongst an assortment of fruit too vegetables such equally radishes, cherry dates, apples, pears,ginger too ginkgo nuts. The stew is enhanced past times simmering over depression heat,  flavourful amongst  tender chunks of top-grade beef. The gravy was only awesome too together amongst the tender beef,  was a totally melt-in-your-mouth sort of experience. One to a greater extent than bowl of rice please! 

Korean Imperial Hotpot amongst Assorted Vegetable ($39.00 per serving) serves 2 to iv persons. Personally I idea it was pretty huge for exactly 2 person, if you lot were to social club other selections. 
 It comes amongst a selection of beef, pork or chicken amongst a soup stock that has been laboriously made flavourful too naturally milky through hours of tedious boiling over a few days. 

Traditionally enjoyed amongst the household unit of measurement during the wintertime seasons, this authentic hotpot has been given a contemporary twist amongst its generous serving of fresh vegetables, making a must-have for a good for you lot household unit of measurement meal.
Say hullo to the fresh pork-belly! 

For selection of pork-belly, it complements amongst the spicy sour kimchi soup base. Ingredients such equally silken tofu, golden Enoki mushrooms too straw mushrooms likewise equally a diversity of vegetables such equally sugariness corn, carrots, cucumbers too dark fungus (wood ear) were position together for a colorful combination.

In general, the soup volition last inward the pot when served, for photography purposes, the soup was added inward exclusively after. 

This Kimchi pork soup base of operations is made past times boiling fresh pork bones too chicken feet inward a large pot. salivating already? 

Something exceptional was the add-on of the Korean Handmade Noodle ($3 per serving) which goes along amongst the hotpot pretty well! Instead of rice, drive noodles. 
In fact the noodles were shine too springy on its ain too I believe goes good fifty-fifty amongst a uncomplicated evidently soup base. These freshly made noodles past times the chefs used high-grade flour particularly imported from Korea, makaing a totally wonderful combination amongst the hotpot. 
Dip them inward too accept them out quick to slurp on.

Once the hotpot starts boiling, it was fourth dimension to tuck in!!

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ offers 12 fresh too marinated meat dishes too 2 combination sets for barbeque. Hot favourites hither are top-grade fresh meats such equally Prime Wagyu Beef ($49 per serving), Ox Tongue ($25 per serving) too Pork Collar ($22 per serving) along amongst the Marinated Beef Short Rib ($28 per serving) which marries the overstep bird beef ribs amongst the restaurant’s surreptitious homemade marinade.
Here nosotros stimulate got the Marinated Australian Prime Beef Ribs grilling on the stove.
The ribs stimulate got been  lovingly marinated for over three hours inward a surreptitious recipe involving a thick, exceptional sauce concocted past times cooking fresh fruit, ginger, garlic, sugar, chili too soya sauce over depression burn slow for 6 hours.

Of course of teaching barbequed meat comes amongst lettuce wraps too other garnishes.

How virtually approximately Ox Tongue? $25.00/per serving
Prized for its fatty content, the ox’s natural language is juicy too succulent later it has been lightly barbequed. These are natural  in gustation without whatever marination. 

Pork Collar $22.00/per serving
Flavourful too tender i time it has been barbequed well. My favourite!

Here are the pork collarts gear upwards to last consumed... Yums

After such hearty meal, why non cool downwards the trunk amongst the Double-boiled Snow Pear amongst “Chuan Bei” too Dried Longan? ( $5.00/per serving )

Simply adore these nourishing too soothing sugariness soup. Crystal Jade serves the traditional Chinese version using whole Snow Pears double boiled amongst “chuan bei” or fritillaria extracts, dried longans too stone sugar. “Chuan bei” is used inward traditional Chinese medicine to process dry out coughs.
Somebody serves me a bowl everyday  

Thanks to Crystal Jade, nosotros tin at i time brew our ain authentic roasted barley tea at home. 

If you lot remeber Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ's previous place at Taka bird 4, you lot are right, equally they stimulate got shifted to a  new place side past times side to the atrium. 
(credit: Crystal Jade)

Taking inspiration from the traditional houses or ‘hanok’, the eating theatre uses wooden panels too tables along amongst leather-covered seats for a cool, contemporary withal cosy dining experience. 
Smoke-free sense equally all the dining tables stimulate got grilling stations amongst vacuum capability on the side of the grills, taking most of the fumes away from the table.
(credit: Crystal Jade)

There are intimate booth seats for smaller groups of 2 to iv persons or long tables for 6 to 8 diners. Fancy a semi-private room? This room sits for large groups of upwards to 10. 
(credit: Crystal Jade)

Have you lot assail your heed on having your side past times side Korean dinning feast at Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restaurant? Crave no more!! 

Check them out the this location:
Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B2-36A, 391 Orchard Road 
Opens daily betwixt 11am too 10pm. 
Dining reservations:  6733-3229.


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