Things to do in Singapore: [ Beauty In Addition To Healthcare] Trichokare For Your Pilus Attention Needs+ Exclusive Discounts

Had a wonderful experience amongst TrichoKare's herbal treatment. TrichoKare saw the latest opening of their fourth branch on 23rd April, at the newly revamped Orchard Gateway, having relocated from their previous Wheelock's branch.  Stepped inwards to come across a grand stance too greeted past times 100 testimonials left past times satisfied customers of TrichoKare.

Testimonials left past times satisfied customers of TrichoKare.

I was too then led to a beautiful lounge where it all begins… 

What is Trichology?
Trichology is a para-medical field, which is the study of pilus too scalp disorders that involves the anatomy and physiology of hair. Trichology is taken from the Greek word “tricho” meaning “hair” too is the branch of medicine that has to create amongst the anatomy, growth too diseases of the hair. Trichology involves an in-depth study of the functionality of chemistry, physics, too the wellness of hair.
Before I start, allow me accept a selfie.

We were introduced to some of TrichoKare products which are formulated past times professional person herbalist. Using advanced formula too revolutionary technology, the products remove keep soothing outcome too hydrating properties to struggle pilus thinning, cut back pilus autumn too encourages pilus growth. 

These are the shampoos too essence that volition live on used for our handling varies depending on diverse individual's needs.

Customized tonics used inwards the handling process. 

Treatments at TrichoKare are customized to agree respective scalp too pilus problems. Some of the scalp too pilus problems that TrichoKare sees from hateful solar daytime to hateful solar daytime include dandruff, dry out hair, brittle hair, greasy scalp, itchy scalp, thinning pilus that leads to pilus loss. In particular, it is targeted from people who are suffering from Trichotillomania, Alopecia Areata, Female too Male Pattern pilus loss.  

TrichoKare is also the start ISO certified Trichological Centre that provides customized European Herbal Hair Remedy. It holds a spacious too elegant house where yous tin relax too unwind amongst pampering treatments afterwards a day’s difficult work

Enjoy a relaxing spa-like handling for your scalp too hair, exclusively better! Did I only mention? Because it is no ordinary spa, it is a Trichological Centre that addresses your pilus too scalp concerns, inwards render for healthier, fuller hair! It is targeted to your needs. 

Every inch of the house is neat, cozy too elegant.

 We were too then welcomed past times the friendly TrichoKare trainer, Alysha who gave us a brief on TrichoKare profile, what they create too how they are dissimilar from others. TrichoKare provides pilus aid solutions too is the exquisite selection for sophisticated individuals who wish to improve their pilus too scalp condition! 

"Experiencing European herbal remedies volition live on every bit enjoyable too effective every bit the clients at TrichoKare are the most privileged guests pampered amongst high quality service too exclusivity through personalized treatments. Staying truthful to the construct philosophy, remedies formulated from premium European herbs are gentle too nourishing. It is the herbal acquit on to the roots that provides deep cleansing, soothe irritation too increase blood circulation at the scalp area."

The overall handling was enjoyable too a relaxing joy. The European herbs beingness au-natural was rid of whatsoever possible side effects too did a positive boost to the overall well-being. I was looking frontward to some TLC pampering for my scalp too the handling amongst TrichoKare definitely testify its worth. 
Read on below for my experience! 

 Here are the other bloggers too I earlier the TrichoKare European herbal pilus treatments...

Here's me too my messy pilus earlier treatment.. :)

We were too then led to sympathise to a greater extent than on our scalp condition.
Hair Specialists at TrichoKare are trained nether a certified trichologist to assistance people who remove keep problems amongst their pilus too scalp. 

  We were attended past times the real friendly Joel!
  At TK TrichoKare, treatments are validated past times a certified trichologist amongst products formulated past times a professional person herbalist. Hair Specialists at TrichoKare are trained nether trichologist to assistance people who remove keep problems amongst their pilus or scalp.  

    Hair Specialists examine the pilus and/or scalp nether a specialized microscope too decide the problems earlier whatsoever handling recommendation.  

What volition the resultant reveal?

Here's the BEFORE scan.
I know what yous are thinking. ( Disclaimer: The scalp, mine at least, is whitish inwards color okay. So it volition e'er be. :P)
Okay, of import banking corporation complaint is, come across on the 1st travel past times left pic? There are similar clumps/flakes to a greater extent than or less the pores too sec travel past times correct every bit well. These clumps/flakes are fossil oil which has been left at that spot for some accumulative stream too never got cleared off. Thus inwards these pictures, the pores cannot live on clearly seen. 
Yes, that's truthful because I hardly ever become for whatsoever treatments at the salons too thus the oils gets accumulated over time, sort of clogging my pores, which of course of teaching is non practiced for the scalp.  
Yes I create remove keep oily scalp, but thankfully they are non similar aggressive, over-sebum producing sort of oily. 
I was told to learn a improve sebum cleansing shampoo....'cause whatever I am using straight off is non effective inwards clearing the fossil oil fifty-fifty though I shampoo daily.
Thankfully, no dandruff or whatsoever other pilus problems. 

 Here's Shirley, getting her scalp scanned.

Joel hither explaining to us our scalp conditions.

 So shooh... off I become to Yvoone, the friendly too patient Therapist who attended to me.

Yvonne did a very, superb soothing job! She applied Scalp Balancing Essence on my scalp.... 

...And placed a warm shoulder pad on me that encourage relaxation too improve blood circulation. I presently experience similar dozing off..

Here's my customized tonic. It was applied all over, followed past times throughout real awesome caput massage to allow the tonic to live on absorbed past times the scalp. 

The physical care for repeated for close three times. 

My pilus was nicely blown-dry every bit I went through a Tri-Action Stimulant Therapy, which is akin to the natural frequency emitted past times out bodies. So don't worry, at that spot is no terms to the body at all.

                          Here's Shirley too I postal service treatment! Happy too glee amongst our new, 'lighter' pilus feel.

 Me doing my examine too awaiting study analysis past times Joel. 

Haha....Super amazed at my scalp scan too thus asked many questions along the way.

Here's the result. 

POST treatment.
Can yous come across straight off the flakes/clumps to a greater extent than or less the pores too pilus strand are gone??!! Like magic
Also from the 1st travel past times left upper pic, yous tin come across a circular affair enclosing the hair? that's the pores! Now the pores tin live on clearly seen on every strand!! Without whatsoever clogs. 
Amazing or what. So happy amongst my construct clean scalp, if exclusively this tin concluding forever. 

Enlarged pic of the pilus follicle.


How's my bouncy hair? Absolutely dearest the smooth, soft experience Plus non exclusively does the pilus await good, internally the scalp feels refresh too rejuvenated too! 

Too happy, thus some other picture.

Here's our testimonial!! Can yous spot mine??
Look out for them when yous are at TrichoKare next time!!  

Join the many satisfied customers on your bespeak to healthier, shiner too bouncy hair!! 
Special thank yous besides to friendly lovely Janis, marketing for TrichoKare, who made us experience at habitation too to Samplestore for the invite!

Here's TrichoKare @ Orchard Gateway

For my readers! Follow this link for exclusive deals 
Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Treatment at $59.99

Free Home Care Kit worth $49 + $200 Package Voucher 

(Total Worth $587)

Velocity @ Novena Square #03-19 | The Clementi Mall #05-11 |
nex #02-24 | orchardgateway #02-12
Opening hours:

11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri, Sun) | 10am – 7pm (Sat)

Till side past times side fourth dimension  


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