Things to do in Singapore: [Food Review] Existent Food- Your Healthier Choice

Real Food is your wellness dining cafe, grocer, bookstore all inwards one. If y'all are into salubrious diet or looking for vegetarian cuisines, hold back no longer! Real Food affords affordable, tasty too salubrious dishes to cleanse your trunk system. If y'all always demand to detox from all the fried, sweetness nutrient materials y'all convey been indulging, at that spot is no demand to starve. Real Food provides y'all a guilt-free, filling repast amongst wellness benefits . 

YEA to cleaner nutrient too a healthier trunk system! 

Real nutrient also stocks upwardly many salubrious nutrient products last it cooking ingredients or simply off the shelf snacks, imported overseas. 

 I bought domicile this Sunflower Mulit-grain chips. Cost virtually $4 plus... non inexpensive for a pocket-sized bundle (44g) too it was silent a tad also salty.

Now for the nutrient

Organic Fried Rice $7.80 vegan/soy
Brown rice stir-fried amongst garlic. I dear how tasty the fried rice comes together amongst all the ingredients similar pineapple cubes, French beans, corns, carrots, peas, tomatoes too capsicum. Though the component division is non huge, it's huge on gustation too volition operate along your tum filled nevertheless. Just prissy for y'all non to overeat. 

Organic Fried Noodles $7.80 vegan/soy
Udon rice noodles, stir-fried Hongkong style, this dish is calorie-free on crude oil too salt, yet doesn't compromise on the taste. Very refreshing amongst all the assorted vegs, mushrooms, carrots, capsicum too cabbage, y'all volition experience happy too satisfied afterward the meal. 

Bento Brown Rice Set(not on the menu)
You convey to approach the counter staff on it's availability. 
I was attracted past times other dinners tucking into this humongous lovely display educate too went bespeak what it was. Strangely, it was non on the bill of fare too yet customers knew virtually it. I wanted to displace it for myself.
It's basically a rattling uncomplicated dish of brownish rice amongst sides, much liked economical mixed rice. 
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 plate of vegetables, beancurd lookalike, too closed to other mixed veg was all virtually it. 
I dear brownish rice too their version was actually good. 
Simple, comforting too filling.  Sides vary daily. 

Mushroom Aglio Olio $8.80 contains garlic/ onions, amongst chili 
Yet closed to other uncomplicated dish, amongst assorted wild mushrooms but yummy enough. 

They also concord wellness talks regularly too hence Real Food it's definitely non to last missed! 
Plus Real Food has a prissy soothing ambience which allows y'all to chichat amongst your friends for a long fourth dimension esp on the weekdays, where at that spot are plenty of seats around.

Real Food is loved past times many expatriates whom y'all tin hand the axe come across dining in-house. Who says salubrious nutrient are deadening too tasteless? Real Food prides itself on its nutrient grooming too produces the best combinations possible. Head on to Real Food!

half dozen Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-52 The Central, Singapore 059817
( They hit convey other outlets equally well)


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