Things to do in Singapore: Changi Chapel Together With Museum

    The Changi Museum was relocated to its novel dwelling solid on fifteen Feb 2001. It replaces the onetime Changi Prison Chapel in addition to Museum (built inward 1988) that had to brand means for the expansion of the Changi Prison.

In honouring the spirit in addition to commitment of those who rose from the depths of adversity, the Museum inspires futurity generations to come upwardly in addition to deepen their appreciation of the heroic in addition to inspirational stories that took house inward Changi. The Changi Museum is dedicated to all those who lived in addition to died inward , inward item the Changi area, during the nighttime years of World War II.

Through documentation of pregnant events of the Japanese Occupation, the Museum functions every bit an of import educational establishment in addition to resources centre. As for the Prisoners-of-War (POWs) in addition to their families, it is a site that allows closure of the many emotional scars of the nation of war years.

The Changi Chapel, housed inside the open-air courtyard of the novel museum, is a example replica of the many chapels that were built during World War II. Today, it stands every bit a monument for those who would non buckle nether Japanese rule, in addition to who kept their organized religious belief in addition to dignity inward the confront of seemingly hopeless odds.

Letters, photographs, drawings in addition to personal effects inward the museum say a horrific floor of over iii years of nation of war in addition to imprisonment for to a greater extent than than 50,000 civilians in addition to soldiers inward Changi. From the autumn of on fifteen Feb 1942 till the Japanese give upwardly inward September 1945, life was a daily scrap against humiliation, loss of freedom, hunger in addition to disease. Yet it was here, where weather condition were at their worst, that nosotros listen of stories that were heroic, touching, in addition to well-nigh of all, inspirational. The highlight inside is a serial of magnificent wall paintings called The Changi Murals, painstakingly recreated from the originals painted yesteryear Bombardier Stanley Warren. Visitors are also able to sentiment screenings of videos such every bit 'Changi Through The Eyes of Haxworth' in addition to 'Elizabeth Choy'. Tucked inward a repose corner of the museum is 'The Changi University', a interrogation expanse that houses a collection of rare books in addition to literature depicting life during the nation of war years.

Next to the museum is 'The Bark Cafe', an open-air eatery where i tin relax, unwind in addition to relish fine dining amongst solid unit of measurement in addition to friends. The eatery offers a hit of nutrient based on cosmopolitan cuisine; ala carte menus in addition to a expert hit of beverages are available.

There are Dominicus services conducted yesteryear diverse church building groups at the Changi Chapel every Dominicus at 9.30am in addition to 5.30pm. Visitors are welcome to bring together these services.

Open: 9.30am to 4.30pm (daily unless otherwise advised)
Admission: Free.
Approximate Touring Time: 1 hour

Getting there: Take SBS motorcoach ii from Tanah Merah MRT station (EW4). Alight at the motorcoach halt correct inward forepart of Changi Chapel in addition to Museum (after Changi Women's Prison/Drug Rehabilitation Centre).


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